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Life Improving Mobile Technology Developments

Human existence is relying more on technology with every new tech development. Nowadays there’s an app for just about everything, or a device that can assist with day-to-day tasks. That has been the image for technology since the beginning: a representation of service and efficiency that frames a more manageable lifestyle for humankind. When we became sick of waiting for our hair to air-dry, we created a blow-dryer. When we wanted to catch sweet shopping deals for the holidays, but didn’t want to elbow through the crowds, we invented e-commerce and virtual credit cards

As lifestyle advancements continue to develop through technology, it will give humans more personal time to sustain a further balanced lifestyle between family, work and exploring some desirable pastimes. Here are a few of the latest in features and gadgets that technology is offering today:

Healthier Lifestyle

5 Ways Technology Will Make You Healthier In 2017

The healthcare industry has undergone a profound transformation since the latest in technology development, and this includes emergency responses as well. According to the University of Southern California, “Many of the latest innovations in emergency response are poised to revolutionize the way response teams analyze events and coordinate their activities, while others are dramatically changing the way everyday citizens handle emergencies.” People may becoming capable of preventing serious emergencies and their own physical discomfort with GPS – to help emergency responders trace the location of the call – and by making healthier lifestyle choices through health and wellness apps. Some of these apps have a wide selection of health-monitoring aids that record health metrics like heart rate, stress and activity.

Wellness apps, as well as telemedicine, are just a few of the game-changing examples in healthcare technology. Health professionals, like doctors and dieticians, are also implementing this technology as monitoring systems for their patients. The results from the app are then reviewed and discussed with specific instructions to meet the patient’s next goal.

Facial Recognition

How Facial Recognition is Shaping the Future of Marketing Innovation

Facial recognition technology is old news; however, only recently were facial recognition sensors implemented into smartphone technology. Apple was the first, calling it Face ID, a feature that was included with Apple’s latest iPhone X smartphone. The feature serves as two major security functions: as a passcode, and for more effective and secure payment options (i.e. Apple Pay).

According to Apple, the facial recognition technology is so efficient that there’s a “one-in-a-million chance” someone could break into the iPhone X. Furthermore, they boasted that the results of the facial recognition testing trials demonstrated they had produced “the most advanced hardware and software that we’ve ever created,” even seeing success in their failed attempts to bypass the technology with lifelike 3-D masks. The facial recognition feature can even detect individuals while it’s dark, when wearing glasses, a hat, or after growing a beard. As far as phone biometrics go, this technology has set an entirely new bar for future smartphone generations.

Productivity / Finance

Tech’s No. 1 Challenge in 2018: Make Us More Productive

Business management technology has been at large for both small and big business owners. With how easy it has become to own a small online business, The standard for business productivity has increased. There are now apps that provide a variety of simple business tools that range from assisting and suggesting marketing strategies and improving customer services to accounting and finance apps that can essentially take care of the number-crunching side of business.

As productivity is 99 percent of owning a business, there are specific business-oriented apps that cater toward productivity alone — like white noise for focus, writing assistance, project management, and resource/advice apps. For every section of the work field, it’s likely there’s an app to assist.

As technology is such a broad term, and there isn’t enough paper in the world to cover every useful gadget that humans have benefitted from, when it comes to personal security, small business, and health, this is where technology has set the bar and revolutionized these aspects of human life.

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