Up and Coming Adobe Air Apps – Aviary Tools

Aviary Created Image

Aviary Created Image

I’ve been watching the popularity of the Aviary Tools grow and as publicity rises, so does everyones curiosity, If you have not seen these then they are worth a look. Basically ‘Aviary’ is a collection of Adobe Air applications that you use freely to design, model, illustrate, mix, whatever in a similar fashion as Adobe’s Creative Suite. Although it can in no way defeat the mighty Adobe set of tools as the Industry leader, If they market these things the right way, It can definately be a worthwhile competitor, or even an ally, since it is running off of Adobe’s infastructure anyway.

This post is mainly to make you aware of a new set of tools emerging from the ever expanding internet.

Let me know what you guys think. Aviary or Adobe? 

More Aviary Generated image samples here

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