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6 Essential Training Programs to Boost Real Estate Agent Productivity

The growth of a real estate brokerage depends a lot on how productive its real estate agents are. Obviously, there are other factors at play but it can’t be denied that real estate agents have a significant role when it comes to driving profits and overall business success.

As such, it’s vital to equip your team of real estate agents with the skills and knowledge to do their job right in the most efficient ways. Fortunately, there are many ways to provide various kinds of training. You can conduct them in-house with the help of your more seasoned agents, or perhaps invite an industry veteran as a resource person. There are also plenty of accredited/licensed agencies that can provide the skills boost your real estate agents need.

That said, here are some essential training programs you need to invest in so that your real estate agents can increase and maintain a high level of productivity:

Tech Training

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There are plenty of technological tools that can help real estate agents boost their productivity. These include social media platforms, CRMs, task managers, and video conferencing apps. Even something as simple as an e-signature tool can make things a lot easier and more efficient.

The thing is, not all real estate agents are tech-savvy. Thus, you need to invest in training to maximize the use of such tools. Fortunately, some things can be pretty basic and a one-time investment (e.g., using a mobile app). On the other hand, there are some that require continuous review (e.g., maximizing social media).

Of course, all that tech training will be put to waste without the actual tools for practical application. Make sure to purchase or subscribe to the ones that address your specific business needs. Getbrokerkit CRM for smarter and more efficient drip campaigns, lead capture and nurturing, as well as access to crucial customer data. It’s also a great tool for retention, which is something you want to focus on if you want your talented, highly trained real estate agents to stay with you for a long time.

Negotiation Skills Training

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Being a real estate agent involves a lot of negotiations, whether the client is selling or buying a property. With proper and consistent training, real estate agents can become more effective negotiators. Beyond finding the best price possible that both sides can be happy with, negotiation skills training can also help real estate agents in hammering out details such as closing dates. What’s even better is that a real estate agent who’s confident in their negotiation skills can transfer that confidence to their clients. This can help bring about the best possible outcome in any deal.

Marketing and Sales Skills

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When it all boils down to it, a real estate agent’s job is all about marketing and sales. It’s not just real estate property they’re marketing and selling, either. They also need to be able to do it for themselves. After all, marketable and saleable real estate agents are more likely to pull in more clients—which is definitely good for your brokerage.

With regards to actual training, you can focus on personal branding first. Other important forms or facets of marketing include digital, which covers social media and email. Expect to be undergoing or providing marketing and sales training over the years as well, since the industry is always changing and the best practices tend to follow suit.

Presentation Skills

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Having strong presentation skills is always an advantage for a real estate agent. In particular, it’s extremely useful when delivering a sales pitch to your clients or when showcasing a property to a potential buyer.

Do note that while the great presenters have good speaking skills and techniques, they’re also able to maximize their actual presentations. Thus, aside from undergoing public speaking training, it’s also a good idea to learn how to create visually pleasing, engaging presentations. The most important thing to remember is that less is more. Sometimes, an attention-grabbing slide has only one word in it!

Writing Skills

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For real estate agents, writing skills come in handy for making strong listings. This means not just using the right words, but also SEO keywords so that the ad will appear in the right search results. Moreover, writing skills are also valuable when creating social media and website content, not to mention marketing materials such as emails, flyers, and posters.

Time Management Skills

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Last but not least, real estate agents need to learn time management skills. There’s a lot that depends on a real estate agent’s ability to handle and stick to their schedules; a client may end up cutting ties with your brokerage because the agent is always late. Inefficient time management also results in lower productivity, which can eventually hurt your bottom line.

When your real estate agents know how to manage their time properly, on the other hand, tasks can be completed more efficiently. As a result, everyone will be happier!

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Another good thing about providing these kinds of training for your real estate agents? It’s a way to show how your brokerage values its people. This can ultimately boost their work satisfaction, morale, and loyalty.

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