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How To Help Your Valued Employee Get Back On Track

It’s difficult to watch a valuable employee burnout and spiral out of control. You might feel partly responsible for their workload, or you might know enough about their personal life to realise they’re going through a rough patch. Employees who are having difficulties may have resorted to alcohol or drugs, and as their boss, you understandably want to support them as much as possible. So, if you have an employee who is having trouble staying focused or has gotten themselves into some trouble, here’s what you can do to help them get back on track.

Incentivise them

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An employee who is losing his or her cool might not be having any specific problems. They may actually be having a good time living life on the edge. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a few drinks after a long day at work? Providing rewards at work will assist the employee in focusing on the critical tasks at hand. Small bonuses, such as a gift card or paid leave, or even the ability to leave work early for those that meet deadlines, may help inspire an employee who hasn’t been performing up to par lately.

Talk to them about your concerns

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A boss’s and employee’s relationship should be purely professional. You should, however, express your concerns to this employee because you care about them. Talk to them about your concerns about their health and mental state if you notice they’ve turned up to work smelling like booze or seeming disoriented. If they want help, you can do some research to help them find the best care. MedComp Sciences discusses how people can get treatment for their addictions using newly developed technologies. Knowing what you’re talking about will encourage you to respectfully confront them about what they’re doing to themselves.

Give them compassionate leave

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While maintaining a professional demeanour at work is vital, life events can overtake a person as they mourn or cope with a situation. Offer your employee compassionate leave during these periods to enable them to work through their issues. Speak with them about what you’ve learned or what they’ve told you, and allow them to take some time off so they can return when they’re ready and perform to their full potential, as you know they can.

Lighten their workload

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Finally, many people who are struggling would prefer that no one knows what is going on in their personal lives. Slightly reducing their workload will allow your employee more breathing space without overburdening them with tasks on top of what they’re already going through, but without making it clear to those around them. They would respect your discretion and are more likely to seek assistance from you or from outside sources for their problems. Not only that, but by reducing their workload, they would be able to focus on their personal issues rather than thinking about work or what will happen the next day.

A valued employee that has a rough patch isn’t necessarily a lost cause and with these tips, you can help them get back to the hardworking person you know they are.

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