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Looking to the Future of Digital Marketing

The marketing world is pretty advanced as it is, but it’s still in its relative infancy compared with what’s to come. In the coming years, there won’t be a marketing revolution, but there will be significant developments that will ultimately benefit both businesses and the customer. Below, we take a look at five of the ways digital marketing will grow over the next decade.

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Go Mobile or Go Home: Why Your 2013 Marketing Plan Must Include Mobile

Mobile is already king of marketing; more people are using their smartphones as their primary internet device than are using desktops, so it’s little surprise that by 2020 mobile will be the go-to option for digital marketers.

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Chipping Away: The Fundamentals Behind “Drip Marketing”

While we can clearly see the upward trajectory of smartphone marketing through apps, SMS marketing, and the like, there are other technologies that haven’t yet taken hold but are on their way, such as the Internet of Things. This will bring ordinarily lifeless devices and objects to life and will present a host of new and innovative ways for marketers to get their message across. Also worth keeping an eye on is geotargeting, which will allow marketers to give a more personalized, specific message to potential customers.

More Sophisticated Marketing

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Marketing Your Business in the Physical World vs. Online

Anyway who has been paying attention will have noticed that the traditional marketing techniques, such as general advertisements and sidebar adverts, are slowly dying, yet they’re still everywhere. In the coming years, their limited impact will be reduced even further, to the point that by 2020 you might not even see a “traditional advert” anywhere online. It’ll be more like the services offered at www.Sticky.Digital, such as inbound marketing, whereby people discover a business through the quality content they provide. It takes the usual way of doing things – going out and finding people – and turning it up on its head.

CRM Software

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A Boon To Small Businesses: CRM Software With Features Galore

The relationship between the company and the client has improved significantly offered the past few years, especially since the rise of social media. Today, a customer can send a message to a company and receive a reply in minutes. That’s pretty impressive, and it’s a great form of marketing. In the future, the increased use of CRM (customer relationship management) software will blur the lines between client and business even further, allowing for a deeper, more sustained relationship to form. It’s probable that this software will allow a company to have much more information about the customer, and in real time, too, which will open up more and more possibilities when it comes to marketing.


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Australia: Increased Internet Coverage & How Digital Marketing Is Impacting Brands

If you want to look at how the internet will be in five years, look at what the big guys are doing now. Amazon, Google, Facebook, et al have all made personalization an essential part of their marketing. Everybody wants to be an individual; companies will make them one by tailoring their website to each user, using their past experiences and searches as the basis.

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Give Your Business The Edge With Great Tech

These are just a sample of what’s to come. Get a head start on integrating these practices into your business now, and you’ll have a head start on your competitors.

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