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Unexpected Issues for Startups

If you have just started a business, you’ll be aware of the challenges and rewards of building a company from the ground up. The chances are, you have begun working at home for the very first time. This might be a new test, along with everything else you’re managing so read on for some issues you might not have anticipated that come hand in hand with running your business from home – and how you can avoid them.


Keeping a Work-life Balance

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How to Save Money while Growing Your New Business Venture

This is probably the hardest thing to keep on top of – not just when working from home, but when you’re building a business. It can be tempting to stay on the clock 24 hours a day – particularly if you’re a sole trader and there’s no one else to answer those emails. But, just like you would in an office job, you need to decide when to clock on and clock off. Being constantly plugged in will not only be detrimental to your wellbeing and mental health but can take a toll on your relationships with those around you. Try these tips for effective work-life balance:


Work Phone

Have a work phone for official business so you can separate work from personal calls. This is smart and will not only help with effective management of finances but also encourage a better work – life balance.

Home Office Space
Create a dedicated ‘office’ space in your home.Even if it’s not a separate room, don’t work on the couch – have a space that you can walk away from at the end of the day and don’t blur the lines between your areas to work in and areas to relax in.

Separation Activity
Have a separation activity. This might be something like going to the gym, or a home workout video that you do just after you finish work. This gives you a daily routine that signals to your mind that you’re stepping away from work-mode.

Off Time
Keep your weekends – time off is time off. You wouldn’t expect an employee to work 24/7, so don’t do it to yourself.



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How to Manage Your Startup Inventory In Self-Storage Units

This can be an enormous problem for home businesses. If your product is large, or bulky, you may unexpectedly find yourself having to store it and you don’t want your home to become a warehouse. Have a think about the following options if you are going to need to keep hold of your product for extended periods of time.


Utilize a garage or other space. If you have a secure drive, this can be an option for your car and your garage can become a temporary storage facility.

Build a shed. As long as you use proper alarm systems in case of break-ins, having a storage option outside your home can be a great way of keeping your work and home life separate.

Pallet Rack
Invest in a professional pallet rack
As your business grows, and you start to consider an office or moving away from keeping your product in the spare room, it’s worthwhile finding a trusted storage company where you can keep your products whilst they’re waiting to be shipped.

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The Secret Challenges Unique To Startups

Looking after yourself and your company will give you the freedom and headspace to concentrate on the important aspects of your business – building great content, marketing and bringing in new customers.


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